Designing without strategy is like building a house without foundations

Strategic thinking and creativity are like yin and yang. One is nothing without the other.  Set the basics straight and you’re up to some pretty wild success (if you have some much needed luck, too). Once you know what’s your position on the market, who are your (potential) customers and what you have to do to differentiate, the wheels of creativity can start to spin! 


It all comes down to good planning. Sure, you have your marketing plan (or don’t you?) but what about the long term? All your design and marketing efforts should come from a single one cohesive vision. What is your company personality, what’s its tone of voice? Not sure? Get in touch!


Stand out from the crowd with a new logo. It doesn’t have to be descriptive in what are you doing. It has to be unique, remarkable, and universally usable across different platforms and sizes.


You have your logo. But do your business cards tell the same story? A great logo is one thing, but the key is in being consistent. Are you using the same fonts, colors and patterns throughout all your printed or online presence? We can help you define your brand assets so your customers recognize you even without seeing your logo.


Website is your main touchpoint. Even though you may do most of your business offline, your website is the first place potential customers would go if they want to know more. Who are you? What are you offering? Are you open tomorrow? Where I can find you? Give them all they need in simple, refined and on-brand manner.


Do you sell physical goods? Then your product packaging should be on point as it’s probably the first thing your customers see. You have only one chance to make a first impression. And it has to be better than your competition on the shelf.


You have your new logo, visual identity and website but it seems that it’s not all over. Flyers, brochures, e-books, annual reports, social media posts and a lot more. You need to stay focused and produce materials that promote your brand and customers can instantly recognize it is your brand.


Thanasis Polychronakis

I had a very good collaboration with Jindrich, he was always responsive and caring for all my needs and requirements. He was able to accommodate challenging communication tasks as I had limited connectivity for half the duration of our project.

His work was highly skillful using state of the art tools and services like Figma and he has a good sense of design and proportions.

Nahida Baz

He understood perfectly what I desired on my labels and the image of my products, it wasn’t an easy job, lots of research and intricate details in the design.. he made every product I have come forward with a bold confident statement, and he kept the soul of the company intact.

If it wasn’t for him and his dedication and resilience to deliver exactly what is asked for, my products wouldn’t have looked the same.. he did go above and beyond to help me launch my business… I will surely work with him again as I do not believe anyone will do the extra effort as he does.

Brook Daly

Jindrich had great attention to detail and was keen to provide his best work for the small projects I gave him, of a business card project, invitation and brochure design. He brought a fresh style to our branding which we will continue to roll out. Thanks for your help!


My name is Jindrich which is quit unpronounceable for anyone outside the Czech Republic. But you can call me Henry, Enrique, Heinrich or whatever suits your needs and language capabilities.

I’ve studied aesthetics and intercultural communication, worked as a designer,  marketer, copywriter and then again designer.

Although some kind of creative chaos is often needed to make progress, I rely mostly on a unified process tailored to customers’ needs.

My previous career as a marketer taught me one thing – great design cannot be based solely on nice visuals. Great design need strategy which underlies it. And actual work in graphics software is just a small part of what is the finished product comprised of.

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